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Located in between Southampton and Brighton, Chichester is the only city in West Sussex. Near to the sea, Chichester is a perfect coastal weekend getaway for families and couples. The Chichester Cathedral dates back from the 11th century and contains a shrine to Saint Richard of Chichester.

Chichester’s Roman history is present throughout various parts of the city and can especially be witnessed with its City Walls, measuring 1.5 miles long, which surround the city and contain the main businesses of the center. Those walls were originally built to protect the city of 1800 years ago, then called Noviomagus Reginorum. They remain not only standing but in perfect conditions, with a thickness of approximately  6,5 feet. The city Roman Baths, another historical building, were also turned into a museum call the Novium in 2012. 

The reason why those walls and other edifices are still intact, is mainly due to the fact that Priory Park belonged to a monastery and was never built upon since Roman times. 

Chichester by campervan

What better way to explore what Chichester has to offer along with its rich Roman history than by hiring a motorhome and have the freedom to explore its art and culture, at your own pace. You can hire a campervan from locals in Chichester, making your trip cost effective and a new experience. 

If you wish to hire a motorhome or campervan, you can do so via Yescapa. Yescapa is a peer to peer motorhome and campervan hire platform connecting owners and renters to “try before you buy” or simply to enjoy a motorhome or a campervan holiday.