Rent your campervan and earn up to £8150 * a year!

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* Indicative amount equivalent to a daily remuneration of £82 for a recent and fully equipped vehicle, rented 100 days a year.

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Why rent with Yescapa?

In making it easier to rent your leisure vehicle, Yescapa allows you to optimise your reservations while . Discover the advantages of our platform :

Free registration with non-binding advertisement

Register your vehicle with Yescapa 100% free of charge: no subscription or minimum rental required. You can start and stop whenever you like.

24/7 insurance & assistance to cover your vehicle in the event of a breakdown or damage

During each rental period, your vehicle is covered by Yescapa roadside insurance. In the event of damage: no impact on your deductible or your insurance premium.

Full dashboard to easily manage your ad and bookings

Define your rates, your availability, your preferences: talk to your renters and accept the requests that suit you.

Optimising your number of rentals

Your calendar can fill up very quickly: you can accept several requests at the same time for the same period! The first renter to pay, confirms their reservation.


Try the experience, hire out, no strings attached!

Register a listing in 5 minutes

Discover our ad management service and receive your first requests! On average, 2 days is all it takes to receive an initial rental request.

Whether you want to rent occasionally or throughout the year, you use Yescapa according to your conditions and adjust your settings at any time!

The responses to your questions

What types of vehicles can I register on Yescapa?

Our team checks each advert before publication. Yescapa accepts all leisure vehicles: campervans, vans and vans, as well as other vehicles sufficiently equipped for a quality bivouac: minivans, SUVs and equipped 4x4s.

Do I have to draw up a rental contract myself?

No, Yescapa provides you with a pre-filled rental contract before each departure. You can choose to print out the paper contract from your dashboard, or use the digital contract from our mobile applications.

How is the inspection carried out?

Included in the rental contract, in paper and digital format, the inventory of fixtures must be carried out carefully on each departure and return from the rental by the same person (yourself or someone close to you who has been trained in your vehicle).

How does the deposit work?

As a private owner (not a rental professional), you have the choice between two methods of managing the security deposit: management yourself or free management of the deposit by Yescapa

What happens in case of damage during a rental?

In the event of damage occurring during your rental, we invite you to report it to us within 24 hours from the details of your booking via a dedicated form. Your case will be dealt with by our insurance team. In all cases, your personal insurance will never be involved in the management of such a claim.

Can I register my vehicle if the registration document is in my company's name?

Yes, you can register a vehicle registered in the name of your company. Your vehicle will be insured under the same conditions as if the vehicle registration document were in your name.

Can I register on Yescapa as a professional owner?

Yes. You can report that you are a rental professional as soon as you register. A dedicated customer support agent will contact you to assist you in registering your vehicles on Yescapa.

What happens in the event of a breakdown during a rental?

Yescapa insurance includes 0 km roadside assistance, which is used in the event of a breakdown. Under no circumstances will your insurance policy be used.

What happens when a rental is cancelled?

If the renter cancels within 30 days of departure: you receive your full remuneration.

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