How to become a Best Owner?

Discover our tips to become one of our best owners.

A badge to stand out
Best Owner certification

How do I get the badge?

  1. Get the most out of your vehicle

    Inform users of your motorhome features and enhance your ad with different photos (8 minimum).

  2. To have completed your profile

    Please fill out all of your information and add your best shot as your profile picture. You can upload your personal documents on our secure platform.

  3. Maintain a good reputation

    You must have performed at least 6 rentals in the past 12 months in order to reach the Best Owner status. Your experience and reviews are essential.

If you have all the criteria required, you will become an ambassador recognized by Yescapa and its community.

Become a Yescapa Best Owner

What are the advantages?


"Best Owner" badge

Your excellence is rewarded, by putting you forward amongst our users.


A full status

Considered like a privileged member of our community, we value your opinion and recommendations.


A favorable visibility

Once on your page, the badge is proof of your reliability towards renters and reinforces a trustworthy relationship.

Conditions to become a Best Owner

If your ad, your profile and your experience meet all the criteria, you are sure to be awarded the badge.

The vehicle's description

  • Vehicle description of 150 characters minimum
  • 8 photos of the vehicle uploaded
  • Registration certificate verified
  • Proof of insurance verified
  • Your latest MOT certificate is verified (if the vehicle is older than 4 years old)

A completed profile

  • Email checked
  • Phone number verified
  • Profile picture added
  • Proof of identity verified

An unquestionable experience

  • 6 or more bookings in the past year
  • A minimum of 10 bookings in total
  • 1 review or more in the past 12 months
  • More than 5 reviews in total
  • An average rating of 4 and a half stars minimum