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Located on the north-east coast of Scotland, Aberdeenshire is the perfect spot for a relaxing escape to the countryside of Scotland. Remote, peaceful and full of life at the same time, Aberdeenshire is the area all around Aberdeen city and is the perfect spot to watch birds, but also dolphins! Aberdeenshire is known for its ancient castles, seaside towns, distilleries and many more attractions

During your visit of Aberdeenshire, you can take a stroll through Dunnottar Castle which is perched on a giant hill, overlooking the North-Sea. Couples and history fans will enjoy this romantic and ancient ruined castle. The Coastal trail is something not to be missed, the endless looking beaches will soothe the busiest souls. Aberdeenshire is also famous for its whisky distilleries. Whether whisky is or isn’t your cup of tea, you will step into the world of centuries of craftsmanship and discover an art very specific to the region, with secret recipes, mixing science and art. Castle Fraser will be known by TV enthusiasts who will appreciate the fact that Aberdeenshire was used to feature in the hugely successful TV series Outlanders. 

Aberdeenshire by campervan

What better way to explore what Aberdeenshire has to offer along with other parts of Scotland than by hiring a campervan and have the freedom to explore the towns and little villages around Aberdeen, at your own pace. You can hire a motorhome from locals in Aberdeenshire, making your trip cost effective and a new experience. 

If you wish to hire a motorhome or campervan, you can do so via Yescapa. Yescapa is a peer to peer motorhome and campervan hire platform connecting owners and renters to “try before you buy” or simply to enjoy a campervan or motorhome holiday.

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