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Cheshire is without a doubt a destination of choice to hire a motorhome or a campervan. Wander this territory to discover its ghostly myths and some of the most beautiful gardens of Great-britain. It has everything you need to have a magical road-trip!

Famous for its great green spaces and gardens, this North-West county also shelters parks of great beauty. Hire a motorhome to visit the Dunham Massey, a monument from the 17th century surrounded by floral compositions that are spread across 277 acres, where you can admire dears on a nice walk. Discover the charms of the Japanese Tatton Park and the rural Eaton Hall. We then suggest that you go to Lyme Park in your motorhome or that you harvest the countless fruit trees at the Combermere Abbey. If you’d rather explore a wilder nature, discover the Peak District in the East part of the county, a natural reserve where you’ll experience stunning landscapes, classic villages and historical buildings. By hiring a motorhome, you’ll travel freely through these areas filled with myths and legends. Don’t miss a chance to visit Chester, known as the most haunted English city. Admire the cathedral as well as the ruins of the Roman era and the Middle-Ages by strolling around these streets full of history. In the North, appreciate the sea sprays and the charming seaside villages by hiring a motorhome to follow the coastline.

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