Rent a motorhome after lockdown

Don't give up on your dreams, travel safely!

The COVID-19 outbreak will undoubtedly change the way we travel. The good news is that travelling in motorhomes, vans and converted vans will allow us to travel while complying with health and safety guidelines put in place.

Indeed, this type of holidays allow you to travel in an enclosed space that gives you great freedom:

  • Get your coffee and meals ready your own way. Your kitchen allows you to avoid restaurants which may be closed or overly crowded.
  • Wake up to the sound of birds singing! You can easily make pit stops away from crowds, making the most of nature
  • Adapt your trip according to your desires; depending on the weather or the health measures imposed, you can change your plans as you wish.

Travelling in a motorhome allows you to travel freely and more than ever while respecting social distancing, which is essential to the health safety of all.

In order to rent a motorhome safely after lockdown restrictions, please make note of the new instructions and guidelines in order to rent safely:

Compulsory disinfection of rental vehicles

Cleanliness has always been one of the major concerns of owners when renting a vehicle. As the end of lockdown approaches, the cleaning protocol is becoming stricter and includes compulsory disinfection of the vehicle to protect the health of all passengers.
A list of disinfected items is now part of the rental agreement that is made available to you. In addition, the vehicle must now be equipped with the appropriate cleaning and disinfecting products so that you can regularly disinfect surfaces during your rental and thus maintain a healthy environment throughout your trip.
To facilitate daily cleaning, we recommend that you remove your shoes inside the vehicle and follow the rules on board listed by the owner on their description.

Guidelines for a safe check in

In order to take possession of the vehicle safely, you must follow and respect the health and safety measures put in place before lockdown during the inventory check. Wearing a mask and a minimum distance of one metre between individuals is strongly recommended. Additionally, we advise you to opt for the paper version of the rental contract, so that the renter and the owner each have their own copy. We also recommend that you bring your own pen.

In order to reduce the time spent explaining how the equipment works, we strongly encourage you to check out videos, which can be found free of charge on the internet, indicating the make and model of the vehicle you are renting. This will save you a lot of time at the handover and even during your trip as you will be more comfortable with the equipment on board. Some owners offer their own explanatory video and will send it before the rental begins.

Plan your trip

The information about traffic guidelines and regulations will be regularly updated after lockdown has ended. In anticipation of your trip, we encourage you to keep yourself informed of the rules to be followed in the area visited and to discuss them with the owner. Should your trip be compromised due to COVID-19, don't worry: we have flexible cancellation terms in place, allowing you to postpone your trip if necessary, without penalty.
In order to plan your itinerary as lockdown comes to an end, we will be happy to suggest pit stop locations over the coming weeks. In the meantime, we encourage you to check out updates on Park4night.