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What to do in the event of an incident during a hire?



1.Contact the owner:

If driving the vehicle will not cause further damage, or if it does not prevent the safety of its passengers, the hire can continue, you will simply need to inform the owner by text or phone call. Otherwise, please follow the procedure highlighted here.

2. Complete the inventory form thoroughly:

When handing back the vehicle, please make sure to fill out the inventory of return. Write down all the damage caused during your hire and take photos and videos in order to facilitate the mediation process. As indicated in the Rental Clauses, the security deposit will be retained pending evaluation of the damage caused following the accident/incident or other costs incurred during the rental period.

3. Report the damage via this form

Our team will then be able to review your case. Any incomplete statement or report sent any other way, will not be processed.

Please note that an amicable settlement between both parties will prevent the £49 administration fee to be paid by the culpable party.