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Have you ever thought of earning money
from your motorhome?

Don't have a motorhome? We have what you need!

Calculate how much you can
earn with your vehicle

With Yescapa, you can fix your own rental rates depending on your preferences and the season. Estimate your potential earnings now according to the type of vehicle that you own.

Step 1:␣ Select your type of vehicle

Step 2:␣ For how many weeks do you want to rent out your vehicule?

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You're just one step away from renting out your motorhome!

More than 2,000 vehicle owners trust

The security of our renters
is a top priority for us

To choose Yescapa is the peace of mind to rent your vehicle to people whose identity has been verified by our team. The payment by bank card, as well as the 3DSecure verification, secures every rental payment on our website: no bad cheques or suspicious advance payments.

Rent with peace of mind,
your vehicle is insured!

Thanks to our insurance partner, you vehicle is taken care of during your rental. What's more, your renters benefit from a 24/7 multirisk insurance and your own insurance is not affected. Our team is here in case of an emergency and to help with every step between you and your renter (see below for questions about the insurance).

For you,
the service is completely free

Renting your vehicle on our site does not incur any charges on your part while you don't have any commitment or 'exclusive contract' with us. We earn money from the service charge paid by the renter at the time of the rental.

How it works
It's very easy:


Sign up to our site for free in less than a minute. All of your details are private and secure.

Complete your ad

Publish an advert free of charge and select your own rental tarifs. You can return to the configuration of your ad at any moment (tarifs, calendar of availability, preferences, equipment etc...)

Booking request

Once your ad has been published, renters can send you rental requests. These requests will be sent to you by email and by text message if you verify your number. You then have the possibility to accept or deny the request depending on the information received (dates, identity of the renter, kilometres, payment, purpose of the journey...) If you accept, we will ask the renter for confirmation and a secured payment via our website.

The rental

On the departure day, you will need to complete the inventory list with the renter and sign the rental contract. Once the vehicle has departed, you will receive your payment automatically.

Our collaboration with the vehicle owners
has resulted in incredible adventures

We chose Yescapa for the quality of its services proposed and the ease of use of the website. The team is ready to help community members and is responsive, which ensures a calm and trustworthy environment for the administrative steps and for the insurance.

A unique experience, an extraordinary site where I find great clients. Thank you very much to the whole team at Yescapa and I hope to have many more adventures with you.

I am very happy with the website and the team at Yescapa, who knew how to deal the increased activity during the high season. More than their services, the philosophy of all of the collaborators has always pleasantly surprised me.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to consult the FAQ

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