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How do I set my rates?

To update your rates and create customized rates, go to the My Listings section and then Rates.

You can create as many customized rates as you wish in order to apply the rate most appropriate according to the time of year. Each rate has a name and colour, which will allow you to easily recognize them on your calendar.

When a customized rate is created, you can then apply it to a season in Calendar. Click on Add a season, make your vehicle Available and select one of the customized rates created.

Please note that when no season is created on your Calendar, the default rate applies. Your default rate is visible and can be modified in the Rates tab of your listing.

Your remuneration will correspond to 85% of the rate in question, but please remember renters will have additional costs since the insurance and a part of the services fees are added on.

You are free to set the rate you wish to, but in order to increase your chances to receive as many booking requests as possible, make sure your rates stay competitive and as close to the recommended rates as possible.