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Europ Assistance Portugal

Motorhome and campervan hire assistance

We are here during your trip in order to guarantee your safety throughout Europe!

A breakdown assistance is provided by our partner Tranquilidade in the event of a breakdown and/or accident of the vehicle, 24/7 and anywhere in Europe.

Terms of the Europ breakdown assistance policy

If the motorhome is immobilized, the breakdown assistance covers:

Vehicle assistance

  • Vehicle towing or roadside repairs ;
  • Repatriation to the address the vehicle was handed over at
  • Expenses for accommodation, while waiting for the repairs of the vehicle. Repairs must be complete within the rental period for more than 1 day of accommodation to be reimbursed.

Assistance to people in case of accident or sudden illness

  • Transport or repatriation of the injured and sick ;
  • General Practician and surgeon expenses and fees ;
  • Prescription medicine expenses.

Where and when can I use Europ Assistance?

All Yescapa rentals with a vehicle registered in Portugal have access to a 24/7 assistance, to help you in case of a breakdown anywhere in Europe.

Set out stress-free and well looked after thanks to these services!