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There are an increasing number of motorhomes on the road. Yescapa conveys a collaborative consumption approach: we put the owners who wish to monetise their vehicle in contact with people who would like to go on holiday in an inexpensive motorhome.


The perks of the private motorhome hire

Go without breaking the bank

If you want to really enjoy your self-drive touring holidays, renting a motorhome is the most affordable solution to do it in good conditions and in an autonomous way.

With the ideal motorhome

With more than 3,054 campervans and motorhomes and a choice of 28 criteria and filters at your disposal, finding the perfect motorhome has never been that easy.

When you want

You want to book for next weekend? No need to plan ahead, we only need 48 hours, the choice is yours!

And where you want

Close to your holidays destination or your is up to you! Choose among the biggest private european fleet.

All types of campervans and motorhomes,
find your perfect vehicle for your next adventure!

With, you can rent motorhomes between individuals for great value.


Practical and mobile:
The Campervan

Its friendly appearance and small size allows you to go where you want. The converted van is a universal vehicle: the perfect mix of homeliness and mobility.

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Family friendly and comfortable:
The Motorhome

Particularly adapted for travelling with the family, the motorhome offers you the ultimate comfort. It provides you with a real sense of freedom by giving you independence on your journey

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Converted van

Be in control of your getaway:
The Converted Van

Discrete and manageable, the converted van is halfway between a van and a motorhome. It's the perfect compromise between quality, comfort and suitable vehicle dimensions.

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More than 3,054 motorhome owners are waiting for you to rent their vehicle!