IMA Breakdown cover Italy

Motorhome and campervan hire assistance

IMA Italy accompanies you in all circumstances during your trip. All rentals made with a vehicle registered in Italy are covered by the Bene multi-risk rental insurance, including assistance and breakdown service. IMA Italy is just a phone call away to help you and take care of your motorhome or van in case of breakdown, accident, theft or attempted theft, fire, puncture, loss of keys, lack of fuel or incorrect fuel.

Breakdown cover is available so that you are not alone in the event of an incident and provides you with:

  • Travel assistance to help you and your passengers;
  • Vehicle support to take care of your motorhome following its immobilization.

IMA Assistance services are provided 24/7 by a specialised department with expertise in the area.

The main guarantees of IMA Assistance Italie

In case of immobilisation of your vehicle in Europe, IMA Ibérica organises:    

Breakdown assistance

Repairing or towing the motorhome to the nearest garage if repairs can't be done on the side of the road, where the incident took place.

The breakdown assistance service organises and pays for the transport of the vehicle to the nearest garage or to the place of assistance chosen by the insured, within a radius of 50km of the place where the vehicle is immobilised. The costs of spare parts and any other repair costs are not covered.

Replacement vehicle

If the vehicle is immobilised and the repair takes more than 8 hours, the breakdown assistance provides a replacement car (category B - 1200 cc capacity), for a maximum of 7 days. These conditions apply when the vehicle is immobilised more than 50km from the insured's home.

Repatriation, onward travel or accommodation costs

If the vehicle is immobilised more than 50km from the place of departure and the repair requires more than 24hours, the breakdown assistance will provide one of the following, as alternatives to each other, up to a limit of €150 per person (including VAT) and in any case up to a total limit of €600.

  • Repatriation of renters or onward travel: an airline ticket (economy class) or train ticket (1st class) or other means of transport, in order to enable the renters of the vehicle to return to their home or travel destination;
  • Accommodation: one night's accommodation (including breakfast) in a local hotel during the repairs. Waiting time due to the unavailability of parts related to the repair of the vehicle is excluded.

Repatriation of the vehicle

If the insured vehicle has been immobilised in Italy for more than 36 hours or abroad for at least 5 days, Assistance will pay for the onward journey to enable the owner to recover the vehicle, if it is roadworthy, up to a maximum of €500 including tax. If the vehicle is not roadworthy, Assistance organises and pays for the transport of the vehicle to the place previously agreed with the owner, up to a maximum of € 500 including VAT.

In the event of injury or sickness in Europe, IMA Italy organises

  • The presence of a family member: when the hospitalisation exceeds 7 days, Assistance provides a family member with the appropriate means of transport to and from the hospital. The cost of the stay is not included.

In case of death, IMA Italy provides:

  • Transport of the corpse to the place of funeral or burial in Italy.

Where and when can I use the Assistance services?

Assistance is available 24/7, as long as the vehicle is rented anywhere in Italy and in all the States of the European Union and in the other States indicated on the international insurance certificate and the vehicle is immobolised.

Set out stress-free and well looked after thanks to these services!