Your first steps driving a motohome

Discover the joys of motorhomes with your category B driving license. Whatever vehicle you rent, Yescapa gives you some tips to help with your departure and answers your questions to get started with motorhome travel.

Motorhome travel is within everyone's reach

Motorhome travel is within everyone's reach

Forget your preconceptions about motorhome travel, any renter is capable of driving one. With your B license in hand, rent all types of vehicles available. Leisure vehicles under 3.5T are considered the same way as cars under your licence. As for driving, it is enough to remain aware of the vehicle dimensions and the environment around you.

Owners to advise you

Owners to advise you

With Yescapa, you meet the owner and discuss with them on the day of departure. As a seasoned motorhome owner, they will reassure you and explain to you the operation, the techniques for maneuvering and maintaining the vehicle. Do not hesitate to ask questions about their favorite destinations or service areas to enjoy a superb stay.

Preparing for your road trip

Preparing for your road trip

Motorhomes and campervans will take you to unexpected destinations. Before leaving, download some applications to find places to spend the night and if you want to plan your route, keep in mind that plans can sometimes change so try to remain flexible.

A few tips for your trip

Before departure

Make sure you have all the documents required like the insurance certificate, or the bedding if not provided. Bringing some board games along is a good idea to entertain kids during long journeys.


As long as you do not show any signs of camping, you can park as a regular car. Keep in mind there are websites tailor made to help you find rest areas or carparks wherever you're going.

Be responsible

Motorhomes are above all about freedom. But to continue to enjoy them, you have to adopt good habits and respect the destinations, the environment and the local residents. Never empty waste water in the middle of nature and always collect your waste when leaving a site.


Motorhome basics

As a motorhome beginner, here are some need-to-know essentials. Enjoy a dream trip by carrying out routine vehicle checks every 2/3 days and maintaining the vehicle in good condition.

  • Empty waste water in designated areas;
  • Check vehicle levels;
  • Fill up with water and connect electricity;
  • Take into account the height and size of the vehicle;
  • Pay attention to wind resistance when driving at high speed;
  • Park your motorhome flat using wheel chocks.
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