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February 2022

We'll be honest, we're a little bit in love with Richard and Radostina.  They are simply the most wonderful family/people you could ever hope to meet.

As our first ever guests to take our Ellie out, we knew she would be in the safest of hands, but it was the total joy of hearing about their trip and the shared passion for our new pride and joy that made our weekend!

Thank you both so much, we can't wait to see you again soon

February 2022

A really lovely couple that looked after Deli as if she were their own.  Thanks guys - looking forward to seeing you again soon :)

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March 2022

I’m speechless. This is the second time we rented a campervan. Thanks to the owner the whole experience of getting it booked was a breeze. Unfortunately due to recent hurricane, our campsite reservation was rescheduled. Speaking to the owner of the campervan, with no issues and full understanding on his side, we managed to reschedule with no extra costs. Thank you so much for this.

First thing that comes to mind is the attention we were getting from people all over the place. Petrol stations, motorways, campsites. By the end of the trip I felt so proud driving this beauty that I genuinely wished it was mine. Well, luckily for you, it’s up for rental.

Initially I was quite sceptic when I heard there is a tent on the roof. I really had no idea how this will work, but honestly, it’s so easy even our son was able to put it on without much guidance. Additionally there is extension available for anyone wishing for more privacy. We didn’t use it this time as we wanted to visit as many places as possible with as little of ‘downtime’.

The inside of the campervan takes me back to some steam-punk stories. Well, maybe not the design itself but the colours. It feels really warm and comfortable. There is plenty usable storage and for longer trips there are decently sized storage compartments at the back. Without any additional stops for food we managed 3 days on the road... all the car needed was diesel.

Needless to say, recent nights have been quite cold. Don’t worry about this, this girl has a diesel heater. Clearly the owner is a geek as you can switch it on and off with a remote attached to the car keys. Also the car leisure batter will recharge itself thanks to roof mounted solar panel.

Speaking about funky stuff. The LED lights inside the campervan are dimmable, so you can easily adjust it to whatever brightness you like. The setting is saved, so the next time you switch them on, it is as you left it.

Another cool thing is the TV. I wish to say more but as a family we had so much fun that we haven’t even used it. Nevertheless, it is a cool thing to have for anyone who wishes to use it during longer rentals.

This is not the end of it. I’m really bad with directions so I had to use my google maps. To my surprise I ran out of my internet allowance but the onboard WI-FI internet was there for the rescue. Yes, there is a built in Wi-Fi internet in the car. Speak to the owner for details. How amazing is that?!

There is so much that can be said and even after all this I feel like I only scratched the surface. No words can do a justice here. I heartfully recommend this campervan.

February 2022

 My love and I decided that campervan might be our next investment therefore with Andrew’s help we managed to book this beauty to get some experience. With no expectations we decided to throw ourselves onto deep water, even wild camped one night. Although the first night was a struggle (due to our lack of experience), the second one was amazing. We were chilling at the back, watching movies and having a drink. An absolute bliss.

The campervan itself is 4WD, as such you can even go off-road. We were not that brave. Also it has petrol/LPG tank as such the range is quite impressive. I will be definitely coming back to Andrew as from the start he has been an absolute star and made this experience a memory worth keeping.