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August 2019

It was a pleasure to rent the van to Paul, he kept me well informed as to his plans and what he needed from me. There was an issue with the awning and Paul was very understanding while we tried to get to the bottom of the problem. The van was return in great contition all clean and tidy. I just wish we could have layed on better weather!

July 2018

Great renter, very good communication and clear on where the van was travelling to and from. All round nice to deal with!

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July 2019

I don't usually give five stars, but.....

Until a week before the hire I was abroad.  Ian responded to my many emails quickly and fully; he could not have been more helpful.  Indeed, when he discovered that his parents liveddown the road from where I was going to be, he was more than happy to bring the van to me.  He also collected it on completion.  As I have no permanent transport of my own this was a HUGE help.

The van is just what I wanted.  On the orad I had a couple of problems in working out exactly how stuff works - quick responses to my questions fromIan soon had me sorted.  We hopped between wild camping and sites and when in the wilds, we had all the facilities we needed.

BUT, the crown jewel for the hire was that when the awning failed, Ian investigated thoroughly and without any prompting from me, decided that it could have happened at any time, no blame attached to me, and that he would bear full responsibility. What a player.

I hope to hire again next year; I really hope this van is available and Ian will let me hire it again!

August 2018

Andy was great.  Communicated well, was on time and gave a good brief on the van.  But the real measure of a service is not when things go well, but when they do not.

The clutch burnt out - can happen any time so not his fault at all.  He answered the phone immediately and between us we agreed that recovery to his place was best.  He was there to meet me and the tow truck at gone midnight and offered to run me home (tow truck did it, but offer was made).  Will definitely use him again and heartily recommend him to others.