Motorhome and campervan hire in Sweden

At the heart of Scandinavia, the rich culture and the beautiful nature that Sweden offers make it a new popular destination. Visit the country that mixes the calmness of its green spaces with the energy of its big cities, full of both history and modernity. From North to South, in Sweden you can discover many different landscapes depending on the region and the season With a wide choice of vehicles, renting a motorhome in Sweden has never been easier than with Yescapa. Choose your motorhome or campervan, your travel dates and set off to discover all that Sweden has to offer.

Travel to Stockholm

La Venise verte

Built between land and sea, Stockholm is a city made up of fourteen islands that are rich in six centuries of history. This capital is prized for its fresh air thanks to its extensive green spaces that allow you to visit the city at your own pace. A walk in the old quarter of the city is a must, but Stockholm is renowned for its many museums like the Vasa, which displays the only 17th century warship that has been well preserved. Visit the town hall, the royal palace and the library to make sure that you don't miss out on the Swedish architecture.

Its Archipelago, a "jewel on the water"

The most incredible place that Sweden has to offer is still a mystery for a vast number of people, even though it's next door to the capital: its Archipelago. More then 30,000 islands offer a natural phenomenon all year round. You can find inhabited islands as well as islands reserved for summer entertainment and rocky reefs that blend into the horizon. To discover the unique Archipelago, go on a boat trip for a few hours or visit for several days.

Travel to Göteborg

Between civilisation and nature

To experience the Swedish way of life, take a typical break called a "fika" (a cup of coffee accompanied by a pastry) on the country's main port. Göteborg boasts several parks, including a botanical garden with many aromas. Take in the exterior walls of the houses in the old city, dating back to the 17th century, as well as the many museums such as the "World Culture Museum" . For the most adventurous, you should also plan a day out to the country's biggest theme park: Liseberg.

The Bohuslän coast and its islands

From Göteborg to Norway, the whole West coast is lined with islands and fishing villages. Known for its rocks that have been smoothed with time, this coastline lets you discover a unique lifestyle from the past. Popular with lovers of the sea, this destination gives you the opportunity to try nautical activities and taste the delicious fresh seafood. Enjoy the idyllic nature to the fullest at Kosterhavet, the first national marine park in Sweden: cars and motorhomes are banned here! To finish off your getaway, a visit to to the picturesque fishing villages is a must, as well as seeing the little islands by boat.

Travel to Malmö

From the other side of the bridge

This city full of cultural activities is directly linked to Copenhagen (Denmark), by the famous Øresundsbron bridge, making Malmö the most cosmopolitan town in Sweden. Nicknamed the "city of the future", Malmö is the pioneer in the construction of eco-districts with guided tours which you can take. Next, we recommend that you rent a bike to visit the old town, bordered by beautiful houses typical of the area. Following this up with shopping in the boutiques, which are a perfect representation of Scandinavian design.

The Swedish countryside in Scania

Scania is the Southernmost region of this Nordic country. It's made up of several large cities like Lund, which is known for its university and Helsingborg, a seaside destination. Once you've discovered city life, leave civilization and take a walk where the forest meets the sea. Each little village has something to offer: from castles with flourishing gardens to the many small fishing ports, you're sure to find a place to re-energise yourself during your holidays.

Travel to Kiruna

Choose something original!

Constructed on one of the largest iron mines in the world, Kiruna is an industrial village situated near to the arctic circle. The endless sunny days in the months of June and July will give you the time to discover the immense bronze sculpture that pays tribute to the miners, as well as the red church made entirely out of wood. For the more curious, you can go on a visiit down the mine, take a break in the Icehotel (a hotel and bar made entirely out of ice) and try the specialties of the region: reindeer meat with cranberry sauce.

The country of the Northern Lights

Lapland is the region to the North of Sweden shared with Norway to the West and Finland to the East, stretching to the Russian border. The low temperatures are perfect for winter sports like skiing, sleigh riding and fishing on ice. The vast natural snowy expanses offer authentic hikes surrounded by forests and frozen lakes. Don't forget your swimwear though, as you'll need it to try a traditional ice bath after a burning-hot sauna. If you come in Winter (between September and March), you will have the chance to witness the magic of the Northern Lights.

Travel to Uppsala

First student town in Scandanavia

Uppsala is a town close to Stockholm, famous for its university which dates back to 1477. Discover the town's beautiful architecture, like amongst others the cathedral and the Uppsala castle that both offer an amazing view over the urban landscape. In summer, the archaeological site hosts a museum and an open air church. It's also the town of the famous scientist Carl Linné and here you can admire his old house and visit the museum dedicated to his work. For nightlife, this student town boasts a variety of bars and clubs, so there's sure to be one that's perfect for you!

In the tracks of the Vikings

Sweden's history is rich, particularly from the time of the Vikings. Uppland, the region that Uppsala is in, is one of the most authentic traces of this era. In Birka for example, you can visit the Viking museum and walk through a reconstruction of a typical village. Take a walk through the forest and you can stumble across a an array of rocky ruins from the era and impressive burial mounds. Not far away, you'll find the charming town of Sigtuna, the first Swedish town dating back to 980 AD, where you can experience a real journey through time.

Travel to Karlstad

Discover the "City of sun"

To the West of the country, on the edge of the biggest lake, you'll find the town Karlstad, which is famous for it's Alster castle with many art expositions. Dare yourself to enter the old prison, which today has been transformed in a hotel with a part used as a museum, which tells the everyday story of the prisoners. A small walk through the central square is a must-see, so that you can take a photo of the famous "Peace Monument". To finish off your cultural insertion, you can then go to an ice hockey match, as one of the national sports of the country, it offers an atmosphere that you have never experienced before.

Get out into nature

Come and re-energise yourself in this large natural area that offers a mix between forest and lakeside scenery, at the Norwegian border. Many activities are on offer, allowing you to make the most of the richness of this region named Värmland. You have the possibility to construct your own boat, and float along the lake with it with the family or friends. For the most sporty, go down the rivers in canoe or go on a bike ride on the cycle paths that go through the immense forest. Don't hesitate to ask a guide about the accompanied walks with an expert that knows where to find the elk, the kings of the forest.