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How secure is it to provide my IBAN and BIC?

Every bank account has an IBAN and BIC and these codes are used by companies to transfer money, or also by individuals to transfer money abroad. You can ask your bank for these details or if you use online banking you should be able to find them on your online account.

Bank account funds cannot be debited, withdrawn or transferred using only IBAN and BIC account details. They are used solely to credit or transfer funds into bank accounts.

In the UK, an IBAN is made up of your sort code and account number in the following format:

GBxx bbbb ssss sscc cccc cc

x = Randomly generated numbers

b = BIC bank code

s = Sort code

c = Account number

We take your trust very seriously and encrypt all bank details that we receive. This means that once you have entered your IBAN on your account, you will not be able to change it, and not even the Yescapa team can see them.