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What documents are necessary if the renter plans to go abroad?

If you are renting out your vehicle in the UK and renters are planning on travelling abroad, they will need a VE103 vehicle on hire certificate to show they’re allowed to use a hired or leased vehicle if they’re driving it abroad.

They can get a VE103 for a fee from the:

From this link, they will be able to download the VE103R application form, and submit their request. 

They will need to include the following to your request: 

  • A copy of the rental agreement (available as soon as they have uploaded the necessary documents and they have been validated by our team)
  • The correct fee of £8.00 for each Certificate. Special delivery can be arranged at an additional charge of £6.95 if they require their VE103R within 2 working days.

It remains the renter's responsibility to request this document in due time before their hire. 

*Please note the rules for passports, driving, EHIC, pet travel abroad may be subject to change post-Brexit.