How do the kilometre packages work?

The kilometre packages indicate the total number of kilometres that a renter can perform during the rental period. There are three different packages : 100km/day, 200km/day and unlimited package. 

For instance, for a 3-day hire :

  • The 100km/day package is the default option, no extra fee will be charged. You will be able to drive 300km (return trip) with this package.
  • The 200km/day package, that implies extra fees (set by the owner). You will be able to drive 600km (return trip)
  • The unlimited package, that implies an extra fee as well. You will be free to move anywhere you want and to drive as far as you want.

You are free to drive more kilometres in a day, as long as you do not exceed the package you have chosen. If you go over the package, extra kilometres will be paid to the owner at the price/kilometre he has set (£0,20/kilometre on average)

For a 3 day hire with the package 100/day, if you finally drive 400km (instead of the 300 initially planned), you will pay : (400-300)*0,2= £20

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