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Is a DVLA check necessary?

Yes, we require a DVLA check for EACH driver insured by our insurance partner First Underwriting prior to your booking confirmation. This is to ensure you comply with the insurance requirements, and to avoid having to cancel a booking, should your licence not be up to standards*.

  1. Please log in to your profile on Yescapa
  2. Go to My Profile
  3. My Documents
  4. Follow the link provided in the "Driving Licence" section about the DVLA. 
  5. Alternatively, click on this link to access the online form.
N.B. If the insurance is provided by the owner, please get in touch with them directly regarding the various documents they may require in order to set up their own cover for your trip.

*Before confirming your booking, please verify that your licence does not exceed these terms:

Licence Acceptability:  Valid FULL UK and FULL EU Car licences for 2 + years.  International licences held 2 + years accepted from USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia. All other countries must be refer their booking to for review by our insurer.

Convictions:  Permitted up to 6 penalty points per driver.  Any points-based convictions with endorsement codes IN, CD, LC, AC are not accepted. 

Previous Motoring Incidents, Accidents and Claims:

Permitted to have up to "1 Fault Accident Claim per driver"  in last 3 years. You are not accepted for cover if you have had more than 1 Fault claim in the last 3 years.

Permitted to have up to 2 "NON-Fault Accident Claim" per driver in last 3 years (decline if 3+)

You are not accepted for cover if you have claims history with any FIRE or THEFT claims in last 3 years.