Is a DVLA check necessary?

Yes, we require a DVLA check for EACH driver insured by our insurance Allianz UK (for UK trips only) prior to your booking confirmation. This is to ensure you comply with the insurance requirements, and to avoid having to cancel a booking, should your licence not be up to standards*.

  1. Please go to in order to complete your DVLA check and to generate your code.
  2. This code must be checked via this page, in order to generate a PDF of your DVLA check.
  3. This PDF must be uploaded along with a copy of your driving licence on your profile, prior to any booking is paid for in order to ensure you are entitled to be insured by Allianz insurance (see terms below). 

Please make sure to send us a personal DVLA check pdf for each driver (two maximum), to be insured by Allianz insurance by email to Make sure to also attach the second driver's licence (both sides) for records. 

N.B. If the insurance is provided by the owner, please get in touch with them directly regarding the various documents they may require in order to set up their own cover for your trip.

*Before confirming your booking, please verify that your licence does not exceed these terms:

Drivers over the age of 25 are acceptable if:

  • In the last 5 years, they have Minor Convictions (see section 5c) which total 6 points or less. 

Drivers over the age of 25 are acceptable with an additional £400 excess if:

  • Speeding Disqualifications up to 6 months (within last 5 years) 
  • Minor Convictions which total 7 to 9 points (within last 5 years). 

Convictions classed as Major Convictions are unacceptable at all times