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Italy Europ Assistance

Motorhome and campervan hire assistance

For us, the assistance does not only cover the vehicle, but also the driver and the passengers.

Travel with peace of mind, we'll look after you and your vehicle when on the move!

In order to guarantee your safety and your well being when on the go, Europ Assistance is only a call away to assist you in any situation, so that you're not left dealing with it alone!

Terms of the Europ breakdown assistance policy

If the motorhome is immobilized, the breakdown assistance covers:

Roadside repair
In case of immobilization of the vehicle, Europ Assistance will send a tow truck to try repair the vehicle on the spot, provided that the place of immobilization is in Italy and is at a maximum of 20 km away from the authorized service provider. The assistance covers repairs of up to €300 so that the vehicle can be made operational again (excluding costs for parts reparations or replacements).

Vehicle towing
If the repairs couldn't be conducted on the roadside, or in the event of immobilization of the vehicle outside of Italy, in Europe, the assistance takes care of the towing of the vehicle to the nearest garage or to a garage chosen by the owner if it is located less than 25 km away (both ways) from the incident's location. Compensation can go up to €300 per incident, outside of Italy.

If the vehicle is immobilized for longer than 24 hours, in case of a breakdown, an accident, theft (even minor), the driver and passengers will be put up temporarily or have the possibility to be repatriated back home.

Lodging costs
When the vehicle is immobilised and moved to the nearest garage from the incident, the breakdown assistance covers accommodation up to €100 per person and per night (accommodation and breakfast) for a maximum of 3 nights, only if the incident takes place more than 50 km from the driver's address.

The insurance will take care of the costs and planning of getting the driver and passengers back to the location of where the rental began in Italy, via the appropriate means of transport (plane or train, economy class).

Replacement vehicle
Only for accidents which took place in Italy, will the Assistance provide you with a rental car for the time needed to return to the location of where the rental began, with unlimited kilometers, up to the value of €300, and for a maximum of two consecutive days.

In case of immobilization of the vehicle, the accommodation cost, the repatriation or the replacement of the vehicle cannot be accumulated. Additional costs for the renter can incur.

Where and when can I use Europ Assistance?

All rentals done through Yescapa with a vehicle registered in Italy, with a GVWR of less than 3,5 tons and which is no more than 14 years old, can benefit from the 24/7 assistance, in case of a breakdown, anywhere in Italy and Europe.

Europ Assistance will intervene once only per incident during a rental.

Set out stress-free and well looked after thanks to these services!